2022/2023 Officers



Clare Fite


The President presides over all meetings (general and executive committee), appoints committee chairpersons, and provides overall leadership for the association.

Prici Ceja

Vice President

The Vice President supports the president, attends all meetings (general and executive committee), and provides overall leadership for the association.

Amber Quaranta-Leech


The Secretary keeps official minutes of the general and executive committee meetings, provides copies for approval at meetings and handles correspondence for the Association.

Ron Smith


The Treasurer manages the financial operations of the Association including making banking transactions and producing financial reports for meetings and at the end of the year.

Edna Clark


The Senator serves a three-year term and represents the PWCA at the governing body of the Texas Counseling Association. In addition, the Senator keeps the membership advised on TCA and legislative matters.


Brian Hicks



Technology Officer(s):    

Rebecca Lincoln and Brian Hicks



The Piney Woods Counseling Association has the following standing committees:  Awards Committee, Hospitality Committee, Membership Committee, Publications Committee, and Historian/Reporter Committee.

These committees assist the officers and members by managing the business of the Association in these focused areas. Additional special committees may be appointed by the PWCA President as needed.

Awards Committee - Chair:  Edna Clark
The Awards Committee accepts nominations and selects recipients of the Counselor of the Year, Counselor Educator of the Year, and/or Layperson Award.

Hospitality Committee - Chair:  Open
The Hospitality Committee promotes a socially welcoming atmosphere at PWCA meetings by providing door prizes and encouraging interaction with new members.

Membership Committee - Chair:  Rebecca Lincoln    Co-Chair: Brian Hicks
The Membership works to increase chapter membership and maintains member lists and attendance records.

Publications Committee - Chair:  Amber Quaranta-Leech
The Publications Committee is responsible for the newsletter, membership directory, and periodic emails to keep the membership informed of upcoming events.  The PWCA newsletter, "The Pineneedle," is distributed three times per year no less than two weeks prior to each meeting.  The membership directory is compiled and distributed in time for the Spring Meeting.  Emails are sent periodically to inform members of upcoming meeting dates and important TCA events/announcements.

Historian/Reporter Committee - Chair:  Melissa Dobbs
The Historian/Reporter Committee maintains the history of the Association and takes photographs to document events.  Additionally, this committee provides information to local media concerning meetings and news.

Nominations Committee - Chair:  Rebecca Lincoln